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Suncast Cat Carriers


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Finding a cat carrier that you can confidently rely on is not always an easy task. With their being so much choice available on the market right now, it can be difficult to look through all the information that is being fired at you in order to make an informed decision. You could be looking for something a little more modern for example, and end up buying something that is stylish by quite unreliable.

Suncast are one of the few companies that is trying to cut through that. They make their cat carriers nice and simple so then you are not struggling to find the right one for you and your cat. The only thing you have to do is make sure you find one that is the right size and is ideal for keeping your cat comfortable. Suncast have three models of cat carrier and we are going to have a look at them. We will look at what makes them reliable while also answering some questions you may have so then you know which Suncast cat carrier is right for you and your cat.

Suncast 23-Inch Pet Carrier


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This carrier from Suncast is a good attempt to have the best of both worlds. Not only is it designed to be reliable and secure, but it also have a nice stylish design. It has a rounded design, which makes it ideal for a cat that wants to be able to curl up and relax while inside the carrier. If you are planning on going on long journeys, then this carrier can be quite helpful then as well. A bowl is included with the carrier so then you can give your cat food and water whenever you want.

The only downside to using this carrier that has been expressed by customers is that the structure of the carrier is a little strange and that it doesn’t seem to fit together properly. In most cases, this will be a problem with the assembly process rather than something wrong the carrier itself. Make sure that when you are putting the carrier together that you are following the instructions properly. The last thing you want is a carrier that gives your cat an opportunity to escape, so try and make sure that it is structurally sound before you use it.


Common Questions

faq  “Is this carrier suitable for taking on a plane?”

Unfortunately, this carrier does not pass some of the international flying guidelines that state that a pet carrier has to have a metal door, which this carrier does not. Having said that, there is no harm in checking with your airline to see if they will allow this carrier on their planes. After all, you do not want to be buying a separate carrier when this one is considered to be fine by your airline.

faq  “Is this carrier suitable for holding two cats?”

If the two cats are adult cats, then this carrier is probably not suitable. The other model of Suncast cat carrier that we will look at below will be suitable, but this one is probably too small for two adult cats. If however you have kittens that you want to carry around in one carrier, then having two in this model should be fine.


Suncast 19-Inch Pet Carrier


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This model of carrier is effectively the same as the one we have just looked at, only this one is designed for smaller cats. If you have a small adult cat or a kitten that you want to be able to take on a trip or to the vets, then this carrier would be ideal for them. It is durable and even though it is smaller than the previous model, it still leaves plenty of room for a small adult cat or a kitten to spread out and enjoy the space around them.

Some customers who have bought this carrier have complained that they don’t think the door is secure enough. Like we have just seen with the previous model, if there are any issues with the safety of the door, then it is probably because it has not been assembled properly. If you have assembled it properly, then there is no need to worry. Even the door is not made of metal, it is still very strong and completely secure for your cats to use. They will not be able to break out at any point while they are in the carrier as long as it has been assembled properly.


Common Questions

faq  “Even though this carrier is small, will it be able to hold my 11lb cat?”

Yes, this carrier should be able to handle that weight without any issues. Even though this carrier is small, it doesn’t mean that it is flimsy or delicate. Suncast make sure that all of their carriers are very strong and secure, so you do not need to worry about this one falling apart or becoming damaged. As long as your cat feels relaxed while inside the carrier and looks comfortable, then this carrier is fine for them.

faq  “How many doors does this carrier have?”

This carrier has just one door at the front. While the pictures might make it seem like there is another door on the top, this is actually just where the bowl is stored for giving your cat food and water. Having just the one door on this carrier can make the whole process of taking your cat out and about a lot easier. Plus having the food and water bowl in a helpful compartment at the top can make travelling long distances with your cat much easier as well.


Suncast Deluxe Pet Carrier


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If you have been looking for a while for a carrier that you will be able to carry two cats in at once, then this carrier from Suncast could be just what the doctor ordered. This carrier gives your cats plenty of room to spread out and get comfortable, so there is no chance of them feeling tight and confined when they are in the carrier together. This carrier also meets airline regulations, which means that this carrier is ideal for taking a couple of cats on a plane journey.

The only negative about this carrier is that the manual for assembling this carrier is not completely clear and does have some confusing diagrams. This can make the process of putting it together quite difficult, but ultimately it is worth it. Even though it might take a little effort to put it together, it is still a very reliable carrier and is well worth purchasing when you want to carry a few cats at once.


Common Questions

faq  “Does this carrier include a shoulder strap? If not, is it safe for me to buy my own?”

This carrier does not include a shoulder strap and it is probably not advised that you use one. Because of the size of this carrier and the kind of weight it is designed to hold, having a shoulder strap can be quite dangerous for you and your cats. There is always the risk that you injure yourself or that the strap breaks and the carrier falls to the ground with your cats inside. If you do purchase this carrier, carry it by its handle only.

faq  “Does this come with a water and food bowl?”

This carrier actually comes with a little tray that fits inside the carrier for food and water. This means that if you are going on a long trip, you can fill the bowl with food or water so then your cats are kept happy throughout their trip. They will be able to have some food or have a drink at any point during their journey.



As we can clearly see from these three carriers, Suncast are completely committed to making reliable carriers. Regardless of which size of carrier you purchase, all of them are strong and structurally reliable. As long as you have a Suncast carrier, you will never need to worry about carrying your cat around ever again.


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