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When you are looking for a decent cat scratcher for your cat, there is no reason why you have to purchase something that is simply a scratching post. Many people make the false assumption that this is the only way that you can give your cat something that they want to scratch. In actual fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a range of cat scratchers available on the market right now that are able to offer you and your cats more than just a place to scratch. They are also able to offer a place to relax, sleep and play as well.

Petstages have become renowned over the last few years for creating rather inventive cat scratchers that are considered to be unique but also very appealing and practical at the same time. They have such a wide range however that it can be a little difficult to know which one will make the perfect fit for your cat and your home. Here we will look at three of the most popular cat scratchers offered by Petstages and what they have to offer. We will also attempt to answer any questions you may have to try and help you decide which cat scratcher is best for you.

Petstages Snuggle Scratch and Rest


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This scratcher is designed to act as a bed and as a scratcher at the same time. The surface of this product is made of a slightly softer version of what your cat would normally scratch, so then they are able to still have a good scratch and then get comfortable and rest afterwords. It has a very strong frame which means that it is able to handle an adult cat regardless of their size. It also comes with catnip just in case you need to get your cats used to the scratcher, or you just want to make the experience a little more fun for them.

Some customers who have purchased this scratcher have expressed concerns about the catnip that is provided. Some say that when they have put catnip on the scratcher, it simply falls through the gaps and makes a mess. To avoid this, all you have to do is apply the catnip around the edge of the scratcher. Then it will not fall through the gaps and it will be able to attract the attention of your cat.


Common Questions

faq  “How long can this cat scratcher last for?”

This scratcher is made from fairly strong material, so it is designed to last a long time. Depending on how many cats you have and how often they will use it, the scratcher should last at least a year if not longer. Even if you have a few cats that like to use it often, it should still be able to last around one year at the very least.

faq  “Is it able to support larger adult cats?”

If you have a large adult cat, then this is probably one of the better scratchers you can get. Like we said, it is made of very strong material and is designed to be able to support cats while they are scratching and while they are resting. If you have a large cat, this scratcher should be able to support them and keep them comfortable regardless of their size.


Petstages Soothing Cat Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher


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If you are looking for a scratcher where your cats can really get comfortable, then this is the scratcher for you. Like the previous model we look at, this is designed to also offer a place for cats to sleep and relax. The only difference here is that it is designed as a hammock, so it is able to offer cats that little more comfort and room to spread out. It has a sturdy design so then it is able to support cats easily. It is also designed in an X shape, so then you can simply fold it up and put it away whenever you want.

While some customers who have purchased this item have said that it falls down when a larger adult cat attempts to climb onto it, chances are that these problems were caused by the way it was set-up. Because it is designed to be able to hold the weight of your cat, you will need to make sure that when you put it up, it is set up properly so then it does not start falling down whenever weight is applied to it.


Common Questions

faq  “Is this scratcher still helpful for cats that have been de-clawed?”

Even though you you may have de-clawed your cats, this cat scratcher can still have a very positive effect on their lives. Cats always posses the instincts to scratch, even when they have been de-clawed, so it terms of keeping a cat happy, it can be very beneficial indeed. The cats will also want to use it as a place to sleep as well, so it is helpful on two levels.

faq  “Is this scratcher able to support more than one cat at once?”

If your adult cats are relatively small then this scratcher should be able to support them. It is doubtful though that more than one adult cat will be able to fit on there at the same time. It has enough surface area to keep one cat happy, but adding another one could be a little uncomfortable for them. If your cats however enjoy snuggling up together, then this scratcher could well be very appealing for them.


Petstages Fold Away Scratching Tunnel Toy


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While the previous two models we have looked at have offered places for your cats to scratch and rest, this scratcher is all about scratching and playing. If you have kittens or young adult cats that enjoy to play around with each other, this scratcher will be very appealing for them. It has a very soft floor so then cats are able to climb inside and play in comfort, or even get comfortable and sleep for a while as well. It is also very easy to assemble, so you can even set it out and fold it away once your cats have finished scratching and playing.

Some customers have said that their cats have refused to use this scratcher, but chances are that they just need a little time to get used to it. Cats are creatures of habit so having something new is not always appealing to them at first. If you want to really try and get them tempted to use it, then you should try sprinkling some catnip on the scratcher and that should be able to entice them more than anything else.


Common Questions

faq  “Is the gap in the scratcher big enough for my cat?”

If you have an average sized adult cat, then they should be able to fit through and play in the gap without any problems. If however your cat is quite large for its age, then you may want to have a look at the specifications so then you can get a clear idea of how comfortable your cat will be inside.

faq  “Is the cat able to scratch on the inside and outside?”

Yes, both the inside and outside of this scratcher is made of the same scratching material. That means that if you have two cats playing with each other, they will both be able to scratch as much as they want without damaging the scratcher at all.


The Verdict

If you are looking for something that is a little different but also practical at the same time, Petstages will certainly have something for you. Their range of scratchers are able to give cats a place to rest, a place to play, and also more importantly, a place where they can scratch as much as they want. Chances are that no matter the size or age of your cat, Petstages will have a scratcher that will keep them happy.


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