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There are dozens of automatic cat feeders on the market, but the Pet Feedster Automatic Pet Feeder is by and large considered one of the most advanced. When it comes to feeding your cats on a schedule, there are a lot of things that you have to consider, but making the right choice can be the difference between accurately giving your cat the right number of feedings, and creating more problems than you started with.


What Makes It Great?

It should go without saying if you are looking at an automated feeder, but getting a cat on a schedule isn’t an easy task for anyone. Even convincing a cat that they should lose a pound or two never turns out well for most people. If you want to have the best chances of success, you need a feeder that is reliable, durable, and consistent, which this absolutely is. We’ll take a look at a few of the highlights to make sure you understand exactly why.

Easy To Set Up

The setup time for the Pet Feedster Automated Pet Feeder is just around five minutes. That means you, and your cat, can be up and running faster than ever. There are a lot of automated pet feeders out there that can takea while to set up, causing more stress than they are worth, but that isn’t a problem here.


Completely Adjustable


The timer on the Pet Feedster automated pet feeder can deliver as little as 1 teaspoon of food or as much as 6 cups, depending on the size of your cat. Those portions are controlled by a digital timer that takes very little time to set up. Depending on the kind of cat you have, and their current weight, you might need more or less feedings each day, none of which is a problem for an automated feeder like this.


Jam Proof Design

The patented FledFeeder used on this automated feeder makes it easy to feed your cats without having to worry about it ever jamming or letting ants in. There is a water tray at the bottom of the feeder that keeps ants from getting in, while the special lid is designed to make sure that it never jams and never gets caught open due to falling food.


Backup Power

This automated feeder can be powered by either DC power or by using 6 D sized batteries. This means you won’t have to worry if it accidentally comes unplugged or if the power goes out, you’ll always have a backup power source. That backup power source also means that you won’t have to reenter any of the scheduling information if you lose power temporarily.


One Year Warranty

Pet Feedster is so confident in this feeder that they have included a one year manufacturers warranty for any electrical or mechanical issues that you might come across.


Where Does It Fall Short?

Overall, there are two primary complaints that customers have had with the Pet Feedster Automatic Cat Feeder. They aren’t major issues, but they are something to think about.

The Price

At $215, it might seem like a high price to pay, but think about the amount of stress that you are eliminating from your life. If you have ever tried to put a cat on a diet, you know exactly what I am talking about.


Bulky Design

Compared to the usual feeding bowl most people use, this is an incredibly bulky design. It is important to not look at it that way, though, since essentially it is replacing not only the food bowl, but the container that you usually store the food in. True, the food bowl won’t be able to go up against the wall anymore, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth the added space.


Frequently Asked Questions

faq  “Can this be used as a dog feeder?”

This automated feeder is designed for use with the small sized cat food, which makes it less than ideal for dog food. There is a separate model designed for this.

faq  “How often do batteries need to be replaced?”

If you decide to run the feeder solely off of battery power, it can last for around five months without needing to be replaced.

faq   “Is the automatic feeder loud?”

You will notice it when you are in the room, but the only sound that comes out of it will be the sound of food dropping. It only makes sound when it is dispensing food, not at any other time.

faq  “Does the feeder know when food is already in the bowl?”

There is no sensor to let the feeder know when there is already food in the bowl. It will be up to you to know when your cat isn’t eating properly or if you need to adjust the amount of food that is being dispensed.

faq  “Is this suitable for multiple pets?”

Yes. This will not be able to differentiate between different pets, like some feeders, however. You will have to make sure that each pet eats their fair share of the food if they are supposed to be on different diets.

faq  “How much food does it hold?”

This automatic feeder can hold around ten pounds of dried food in the hopper. This makes it easy to feed your cats for a while without having to worry about replacing the reserve.


The Final Word

pet-feedster2Overall, there are plenty of things to be pleased with when it comes to this particular automated pet feeder. The easy setup and effectiveness make it a great option, even if it is a little more expensive than other ones you might have looked at in the past. In any case, it is worth a good, long look if you have a cat and would rather keep it healthy and on a regular feeding schedule.





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