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Designed for Wet or Dry Food

Very few automatic feeders dispense wet food, simply because of the refrigeration challenges involved. The WOpet automatic feeder lets you treat your pet to his or her favorite canned food without worries over safety. Simply freeze the included ice packs and then pop them into place underneath the food to keep it fresh until meal time. If you are concerned that your pet’s food will spoil before time to eat, then consider removing it from its container, freezing it, and then transferring it to the feeder with the ice pack in place.
If your pet eats dry food at one meal and wet food at another, you can easily fill one side with dry food and the other side with wet food. The manufacturer recommends leaving both ice packs in place to maximize cooling.

You Control the Portions

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Many popular automatic pet feeders leave portion control up to automated mechanisms, which can be just fine. If your pet is on a very strict diet however, you may feel better measuring the food yourself. If this is the case, you’ll appreciate the fact that it’s completely up to you to fill each side of the WOpet feeder so that your pet gets exactly the right amount of food at each meal.


Accommodates Small Pets

This automatic pet feeder is designed to accommodate very small pets – even kittens – and full grown cats or small dogs. Since the timers must be set to different times and will not open at the same time, the WOpet feeder is best for single-pet households. If you like this feeder and want to accommodate multiple pets, it’s best to get two or more units – one for each of the pets in your home.


Simple, Streamlined Design

Compared with many other feeders on the market, this one is quite simple. It has a basic, streamlined look that complements a variety of home interiors, and since it is battery operated, you can place it anywhere that’s convenient for you and your pet.


Easy Cleanup

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While the WOpet automatic feeder must be hand-washed in soapy water, its design is so simple that cleanup only takes a few moments. If you’ve left it a little too long and some wet food has dried inside, simply soak the feeding compartment in warm water for a few minutes and you’ll find that it is very easy to wash and rinse the bowl so that it’s fresh and ready for the next round of feedings.



faq  “How do you know when to replace the batteries?”

There is no battery power indicator, so you have to rely on the sound of the ticking coming from the timers on the bowls. If you notice that the ticking seems to be slower than usual, it’s a good indication that the batteries need to be replaced. As an alternative, you can simply replace the batteries regularly once you know about how long your favorite brand will power the feeder.

faq  “How many times per day can I feed my cat or dog using this feeder?”

The WOpet automatic pet feeder lets you give your cat or dog up to 2 meals each day. It’s up to you to decide how much time should pass between each feeding.

faq  “Can hungry pets break into this feeder?”

A very motivated pet might be able to break in, however very few reviewers report that their pets have actually gotten into the feeder. Our highly determined cat has safe-cracked a few different feeders in her day, but wasn’t able to get into this one.

faq  “Is there an alarm that goes off when it’s time for pets to eat?”

No. This pet feeder is very quiet.

faq  “Is this automatic feeder for indoor or outdoor use?”

According to the manufacturer, you can use the WOpet automatic feeder indoors as well as outdoors, as long as you keep it away from direct sunlight. Be sure to read the instructions for use before setting it up, as placement makes a difference in how long food stays fresh.

faq  “How do the timers work?”

The timers work much like old-fashioned egg timers. Set each one for a certain number of hours to ensure pets are fed on schedule. For example, if it’s 6 AM and you want your pet to eat at noon and at 6 PM, then set one timer for 6 hours and the other one for 12 hours.



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The WOpet automatic feeder is ideal for cats and small dogs. Its innovative design lets you keep wet food cool until mealtime, and it lets you decide exactly how much food you’d like your pet to eat at each meal. As this unit is battery operated, it is suitable for areas that often suffer from power outages and it is ideal for taking along in your RV when your pet travels with you! The feeder holds up to 1 cup of food per compartment and will serve your pet two meals within any 48-hour period. While it is not really suitable for multiple pets, it is a very affordable option and households with more than one pet might consider the option of getting one feeder per pet. The timer dials are quiet and easy to use, and cleanup is a snap, thanks to the simple, streamlined design. As long as you are careful with placement, you can use the WOpet automatic feeder inside or outdoors. You can find the WOpet dog and cat automatic feeder for sale at online retailers including Amazon, and it may be available at select brick and mortar stores as well.


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