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One of the great things about looking for a new cat carrier on the current market is that there are a lot of new designs being released all the time. Companies are competing with each other to try and come up with the very best designs that can keep your cat happy during their travels, while also making sure that you remain comfortable at all times as well. It is not an easy thing to achieve both of those goals with one carrier, but there are some companies that put a lot of painstaking effort into making sure their carriers have the best of both worlds.

MFPS is one of those companies that has been able to achieve this. They have a wide range of carriers, all of which are designed to please both you and your cat. They know how important it is that you and your cat are comfortable at all times, so they make the effort to make sure their products are able to achieve that. However, it is important that when you are purchasing a cat carrier from them, you make sure that you are buying the one that is right for you and your cat. Here we will look at four of the most popular models that are on offer from MFPS and what it is that makes them so popular. We will also attempt to answer any questions you might have about the carriers so then you can be sure which one is best for you and your cat.

MFPS Pet Cab Carrier


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When you look at this carrier from MFPS, it’s not difficult to see why it considered to be the most popular model they have on offer. This carrier has a wonderful stylish design, while also having plenty of ventilation for your cat and also the space to give them plenty of comfort. This carrier is ideal for anyone that is looking for something to carry their cat in when they need to go on a car journey or just to the vets. You can also get this carrier in either blue or yellow and black colours.

The only negative to using this carrier that has been expressed by customers is that the handle was not strong enough to support the weight of their pet. However, upon closer inspection, the vast majority of people who made this complaint were people who were trying to use this carrier for their dog. When you have a cat inside the carrier however, it is very nice and strong and should always be stable enough to handle the weight of your cat.



faq  “Is there enough room inside to give my cat treats on our journey?”

Depending on the size of your cat, you should be able to get treats inside the carrier without any problems at all. The great thing about this carrier is that it leaves plenty of room for your cat to spread out and get comfortable, so there should be enough room for you to add some treats to keep them happy on that long journey.

faq  “How easy is this carrier to put together?”

In terms of assembly, this is probably one of the best cat carriers you can get. All you have to do is clip the top to the bottom of the carrier and then add the doorway and it will be ready for use. Assembly should take no more than 10 minutes, so you could even take it apart after use if you wanted to be able to store it somewhere.


MFPS Top Load Pet Carrier


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While the previous carrier we looked at is good for taking your cat out in the car or to the vet, this carrier is designed for much more heavy duty carrying. This has a lot more in common with traditional carriers in terms of its shape and design, but it still has plenty of room inside for your cat and can be assembled easily as well. If you like you can also pick between red and blue colours for the carrier as well.


Some customers who have purchased this carrier before have expressed concerns that the latches at the top of the carrier can be quite difficult to open. It is most likely that this occurs when the carrier is new and is a little stiff. Once it has been used a few times, the latches should become much easier to open so then you can get your cat in and out of the carrier easily. Always make sure though that the latches have been shut properly before you leave the house with your cat inside, otherwise you could run the risk of them escaping.





faq  “Does this carrier include a shoulder strap?”

Yes, it does. This carrier comes with a shoulder strap included and all you have to do is loop it through the handle on top of the carrier. Then you will be able to carry your cat carrier comfortably on your shoulder without any problems at all. This can be ideal for anyone that is planning on carrying their cat for a long period of time.

faq  “What is the weight restriction for this carrier?”

MFPS don’t actually state what the weight limit for this carrier should be, but based on customer experiences, it is probably best to assume that this carrier is able to hold 14lbs maximum. If your cat weighs more than this, then you should probably proceed with caution. If you are concerned, try carrying your cat around the house inside the carrier and see if it remains safe and stable during that time.


MFPS Foldable Pet Carrier


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If you are concerned about a cat carrier taking up too much space in your home, then this carrier could well be just what you need. This carrier is designed to simply fold away whenever it is not being used, so you can easily find somewhere to store it without it taking up too much room. It comes with a fleece pad inside to make sure that your cat is comfortable at all times while inside the carrier. Not only that, but it also comes with loops that can be fixed to the bottom so then you can use stakes to keep it securely on the ground. This carrier is available in sizes 22, 26, 31, and 38.

The only real negative to having this carrier is that it can pick up odours quite easily. If you are taking your cat out and you walk past something that has a strong smell, the carrier could pick the odour up quite easily. The best way to compact this is to keep it clean as often as you can. This simply means putting the padding into the washing machine and giving it a proper wash. It is very quick and easy to clean, so you do not need to worry about it being too much of a hassle.




faq  “How comfortable is this carrier? Would my cat want to lie in it at home?”

This is probably one of the most inviting cat carriers that you will ever come across, which is why many people are now keeping them upright in their homes. Your cat could well become so comfortable in it that they do want to climb inside and make it their own little den even while they are at home. If you would like to use it for this purpose, simply set it up in your home and see what your cat does.

faq  “How easy is this carrier to fold away?”

Folding away this carrier is very simple and is one of its big selling points. Because the whole thing is held together with zips, all you have to do is unzip the sides and the bottom of the carrier and it will all fold together. Then you simply zip it back up like a bag and it can stored away safely wherever you want.


MFPS Indoor Outdoor Pet Home


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This carrier is very similar to the one we have just looked at, only this carrier is designed to be able to handle larger cats or even several kittens. It has reinforced stitching along with strong material, so you will know that when you take your larger adult cat out in the carrier, it will remain safe and secure at all times. At the same time, it is also very comfortable and inviting for your cat to climb in and get nice and comfortable. You can purchase this carrier in sizes 20, 23, 30, and 36.

The only real negative side to this carrier is the zip flaps on the sides of the carrier. When you are taking them out and about, you will have to keep them closed at all times. This however should not be too much of a problem as the flaps have mesh covering, which means that you cat will get plenty of good ventilation while at the same time being able to look out and watch the world go by.




faq  “Is this carrier available in different colors?”

For the moment at least, this carrier is only available in red and cream as you can see above. MFPS have thus far not released this carrier in any other colours. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that they will not release this carrier in different colours at some point in the future. Keep and eye on their website and you could see new designs there soon.

faq  “Is this as easy to fold away as the previous carrier?”

Even though this carrier is designed to handle bigger cats, it is still just as easy to fold away as the previous carrier. Just like the other carrier, all you have to do is open the zips on the sides and on the bottom and you will be able to fold it away so it is shaped like a bag. Then you can store it wherever you think is best for you.


The Verdict

As you can see from these four models, MFPS clearly take a lot of time and effort to create their cat carriers. It’s pretty clear from the results that their efforts have paid off. Not many companies are able to make carriers that are ideal for both the cat and for the owner at the same time. That reason alone is enough to consider heading to see their products first when you are in need of a reliable cat carrier.


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