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Cute Yet Functional Design

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The Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder offers an adorable profile that might remind you a bit of your pet! The whimsical shape complements contemporary spaces, and the feeder is compact enough to put just about anywhere.


Easy to Fill

Just lift the top and fill up the bin, and you’re all set! This automatic pet food dispenser only works with dry food. Be sure not to use semi-moist food or wet food, as it will clog the delivery mechanism and prevent your pet from eating on schedule.


Easy to Clean

Simply empty out any old food, and then give the bowl a wash. Be sure to use hot, soapy water on the bowl. It’s a good idea to clean the bowl regularly, as this will prevent pets from being exposed to bacteria that can build up over time and cause skin disorders such as feline acne.


Portion Control Made Easy

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It’s very easy to control your pet’s portions with the Lusmo automatic pet feeder. It dispenses food in increments of 1/16 cup, with the largest portion being one cup. Feed amount does differ depending on kibble size and shape, so be sure to measure the amount that’s dispensed the first time to be sure that it is correct.


Feed Your Pet Up to Three Times Per Day

The Lusmo pet feeder can be programmed to feed pets up to 3 times every 24 hours. If you prefer to feed less frequently, this dispenser makes that possible. You can also use manual feeding mode; just push the button any time to dispense an additional meal.


Battery Operated

This pet feeder keeps on working, even if the power goes out. Since it is battery operated, you can use it anywhere – inside an RV while traveling, for example.



faq  “Is this feeder suitable for outdoor pets?”

No, it must remain dry and is designed for indoor use only. The manufacturer warns against operating it in damp spaces such as bathrooms, as this can have an adverse effect on the batteries.

faq  “Can a cat tip the feeder over?”

No, the feeder’s anti-tip design prevents even the most determined cat from tipping the feeder over.

faq  “Can my mischievous cat open the top to get to the food inside the canister?”

Most cats cannot get into the top, however some clever pets are able to access the interior. If your cat is a good problem solver, then you might want to consider getting the optional mischief guard, which completely prevents pets from getting into the container.

faq  “Is this system good for homes with multiple pets?”

You could feed two small cats with this if you wanted to, however if you have multiple pets, you’ll probably need to get multiple feeders.

faq  “Is the feeder dishwasher safe?”

Unfortunately, it is not dishwasher safe. The resin food bowl is not designed to withstand hot temperatures.

faq  “What kind of batteries does this use? Is there an optional AC cord?”

The Lusmo automatic pet feeder uses 4 D size alkaline batteries. There is no AC cord.

faq  “About how much dry food will the canister hold?”

The canister holds about 5 pounds of food.



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The Lusmo automatic pet feeder offers a nice blend of convenience and quality, all in one cute little package. It’s just right for homes with one small pet; anything more than that may require an additional feeder. This pet feeder is battery-powered so you can take it anywhere and place it in any convenient location. It won’t tip over, and it holds plenty of food so your pet stays happy even when you have a busy schedule. You can find the Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder for sale at online retailers including Amazon, and although we haven’t seen them for sale at our local pet store or big box retailer, they may be available at select brick and mortar stores as well.



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