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Effortless Portion Control

The Aspen Le Bistro portion control automatic pet feeder helps you keep your pet’s weight at a healthy level by preventing overfeeding. Simply consult your veterinarian or follow feeding instructions from your pet’s food manufacturer, and set the feeder accordingly. Feedings in quantities between ¼ and 3 cups of food can be dispensed between one and three times daily depending on your pet’s specific health needs. Paired with quality food and plenty of exercise, this portion controlling pet feeder can help your pet remain fit and trim.

Accommodates Small to Medium-Sized Pets

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Whether you have a cat, a dog, or another small pet that requires dry kibble, you’ll find that the Aspen Le Bistro portion control automatic pet feeder does the trick. Just fill the hopper, place the dispenser next to your pet’s existing feeder or dish, and place food in the bowl of the food dispenser instead of turning it on to activate the automatic feeding cycle. This will allow your pet to become accustomed to the feeder; for some pets, it may take just a few hours, and for others, it may take several days or even a few weeks. After you notice that your pet is eating from the Le Bistro bowl, remove the old dish, select the feeding cycle you prefer, and enjoy a new, effortless way to keep your pet’s appetite satisfied.


Sturdy, User-Friendly Design

The Le Bistro portion control pet feeder features a simple gravity-fed design and a large, translucent hopper that lets you see how much food is remaining. Simply lift the lid on the hopper to refill it with fresh food. An LCD display keeps track of meals so that you know your pet has been fed and a low battery power reminder flashes to tell you that it’s time to replace the batteries. Programming is as easy as pressing a few buttons. The manufacturer provides helpful video tutorials to help you program meal times and portion sizes as you like.


Includes Microban Protection

Bacterial buildup can make your pet sick or cause an unpleasant rash. The experts at Aspen Pet designed this feeder to help prevent problems caused by bacteria. Microban protection helps prevent stains and odors, too.


Easy to Clean

Although the Le Bistro pet feeder is not dishwasher safe, it is very easy to disassemble and clean. Just remove the bowl and wash it with warm soapy water as needed, and then set it back in place.



faq  “I heard that this pet feeder also had an AC power adapter. Is this correct?”

Yes and no. Older models were equipped with AC power adapters, which are mentioned in a number of reviews. This model (the newest one) has battery power only.

faq  “Can this feeder be used to dispense meals to outdoor cats?”

The feeder is designed for indoor use only. Although you could use it outdoors by keeping it in a sheltered area on a covered porch, there is always the risk of wild animals such as skunks or raccoons raiding the feeder!

faq  “Can cats reach up the dispensing chute to release extra food?”

Our cats did not try to release extra food, however other reviewers have stated that their pets were able to reach inside and snag a few extra kibbles. Some very motivated cats have been able to manipulate the feeder, especially when it is filled with very small kibbles such as Hills Science Diet.

faq  “What is the maximum number of meals per day this feeder will provide?”

The Le Bistro portion control automatic pet feeder allows for three meal times.

faq  “What are the portion sizes?”

Portion sizes begin at ¼ cup and go up in ¼ cup increments all the way to 3 cups.

faq  “Can you use your own bowl, or do you have to use the bowl that comes with the feeder?”

It is possible to use a different bowl, however it may not be an exact fit.

faq  “How long does a 5-pound bag of food last in this feeder?”

It depends on how much food you’re having dispensed per meal. If you are giving your pet ½ cup of food 3x per day, the 5 pounds should last about a month. Keep in mind though, different pet foods have different density levels and other variables. You’ll be able to guess much more accurately once you try the dispenser with the brand of food that your pet prefers.




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The Aspen Le Bistro Portion-Control automatic pet feeder makes it simple to feed your pet just the right amount of food according to a set schedule. It is compatible with a variety of dry kibbles, and measures food in ¼ cup increments all the way to maximum 3 cup feedings so that your pet or pets stay satisfied. Since this automatic pet feeder is battery powered, it works through electrical outages and is ideal for traveling in an RV. The Aspen Le Bistro comes in two sizes including five and ten pounds, making for a completely convenient pet feeding experience. Microban keeps bacteria from building up, and helps to prevent stains and odors. Easy to wash and fill, this user-friendly pet feeder makes it easier to look after your cat or dog, even when life is very demanding for you. You can find the Aspen Le Bistro portion-control automatic pet feeder for sale at online retailers including Amazon, and it may be available at select brick and mortar stores as well.


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