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Buying supplies and equipment for your cat or kitten has never been more difficult. While in the past it was rather easy to find the big names and the reliable brands, there is now more competition than ever. With more and more businesses being able to launch online, there are even more companies now that can offer a wide range of cat supplies.

If you’re really struggling to find the right supplies for your cat or kitten, then we are here to help. We go through the big providers of cat equipment and find the best products they have on offer. We then talk you through everything that is good and bad about those products. To make sure that we tell people honestly about what the supplies we are reviewing are like, we take into account the reviews that are left by customers who have bought the product so then you get a clear impression about what is good and what is bad.

Not only that, but we go one step further to try and make your decision that little bit easier. We know that even when you have read our review of a specific product, your questions may still have not been answered. That is why we have a selection of frequently asked questions about every product so then you can hopefully get the answer that you are looking for.

With every review that we post, we always strive to provide people with as much information as possible. That is why when we look at a product, we look into all the details so then you can tell if it is suitable for you. Even if you have multiple cats or kittens, or you have a large cat and you’re worried that it will be able to break something, we will aim to make your choice very easy.

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