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When you are looking for a cat carrier, you always want to know that your cat is going to be comfortable. If you are planning on having them inside the carrier for a long period of time, then a traditional carrier can be very uncomfortable for them. That is why many people are turning to some of the more modern carriers that include padding and other soft material in order keep their cat or kitten comfortable during their travels. The more modern carriers also present a more comfortable way for people to carry their cats around as well, as many of them come with straps so they can carry their cats on their shoulders without any discomfort.

Zampa are one of the companies on the market right now that pride themselves in being able to sell cat carriers that are modern and very comfortable for both cats and their owners. It is not always easy to tell which one is the right one for your cat though. We are here to help with that issue. We will look at the two top models of cat carrier from Zampa and what they have to offer. We will also then attempt to answer any questions you may have about the carrier so then you can make sure that you are making the right decision.

Zampa Soft-Sided Pet Carrier


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This is probably the most stylish cat carrier that Zampa has on offer. It is wonderfully designed to simply slip over your shoulder so then you can carry your cat around in comfort. Because the strap is nice and comfortable, it means that you will be able to carry your cat around for considerably longer than you would if you were carrying a traditional carrier. The cushion inside the carrier can also be easily removed, so not only will it be able to keep your cat comfortable the whole time they are inside, but you can also take it out and give it proper cleaning before you need to use the carrier again. This carrier is available in several colors including green, blue, pink, red, and yellow.Some customers who have purchased this carrier have said that they were unhappy that the carrier can be easily chewed. Having said that, the majority of people that made this complaint tended to be dog owners that were carrying around their small dogs. When this carrier is used on cats and kittens however, this problem is very unlikely to arise. Even though the carrier is made of soft and comfortable material, a cat should not be able to chew through it and causing any damage. When you are using this carrier in order to take your cats from one place to another, it will more than likely last for a very long time and will be very reliable during that time as well.



faq  “I have had bad experiences with carriers previously. Does this come with a guarantee?”

There are not many cat carriers available on the market right now that are available with a guarantee, but this carrier from Zampa is an exception. This carrier is sold with a one-year guarantee, which means that if it breaks or you are not happy with it then you will be eligible for a full refund. This will naturally be quite an appealing selling point for many people who will be looking for something reliable but are a little concerned about the risks of using more modern carriers.

faq  “Can I take this carrier on a plane?”

Yes, you can. This carrier is ideal for anyone that is planning to take their cat on a plane journey. Its size means that you can comfortably fit it underneath your seat without any problems at all. Not only that, but because it has very comfortable padding inside, it means your cat will be able to get nice and comfy for the entire plane ride, even if it is a long journey.


Zampa Pet Portable Crate


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If you are looking for a carrier that is able to handle a larger cat, or even several kittens at once, then this carrier would be ideal for you. This carrier is built to be very strong and handle plenty of weight, while at the same time making sure that you feel comfortable carrying it at all times. It is very nice and easy to set up so then you can get it together as soon as you get it so it is ready for its first trip straight away. It is also very easy to clean, so you do not need to worry about having to set aside time in order to give it a proper cleaning.The only real negative to using this carrier according to people who have purchased it is that the material on the outside can be chewed through. Much like the model that we looked at previously, this complaint seems to have been made mainly by people who own dogs. This carrier should be more than strong enough to handle any cat regardless of their size. No cat should be able to chew through the carrier and cause any damage. In fact, because it is designed to hold a large cat, it should be able to last several years at least.zampa-cat-carriers-and-crates-4


faq“What is the maximum weight that this carrier can hold?”

This carrier is designed to hold up to 70lbs maximum, which means that practically any cat will be able to climb inside and relax in comfort. Even if you have a very large cat, this carrier should be able to handle the weight without any issues at all. This can be a very big selling point for anyone who has a large cat, as finding a carrier that is able to hold their weight can be quite difficult at times. This carrier however is more than capable of handling almost any cat.

faq“What is the bottom of this carrier made of? Will it be strong enough to handle a large cat?”

The bottom of this carrier is made from canvas material only, but that doesn’t make it any less sturdy. Even though many people think this means that this carrier is liable to break at some point, this is actually a lot further from the case. Despite the canvas at the bottom, this carrier is still able to hold up to 70lbs without any issue at all.


The Verdict

As you can see from the two models we have looked at, Zampa have two very reliable carriers to choose from. They are both very strong and reliable while still remaining stylish and modern at the same time. Given that they have one model that is ideal for bigger cats and another that is perfect for regular sized adult cats and kittens, Zampa clearly have two carriers that are perfect for any cat owner.


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