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When it comes to the new craze of self-cleaning litter boxes, few have been able to provide a litter tray that came with an effective cat litter substitute. The ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box is one of the first to introduce a special crystal cat litter substitute, which helps absorb the moisture from cat’s urine and helps make solids easier to be cleared away.

Not only that, but you can also purchase an Ultra version of the litter box which comes with additional features. The Ultra version comes with a roof so then cats are able to do their business in private, along with a special delay system so you can manually decide when the litter should be cleared away.


Is this a good enough reason to buy this particular self-cleaning litter box? Does it have other features that make it even more appealing? Here we will look at the positives and negatives of buying the ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box, and attempt to answer any questions you may have about its suitability for your cats.


The Upside

scoopfree-liiter-box3All The Cleaning Taken Care Of: As with all self-cleaning litter boxes, this takes the chore of having to scoop out the cat litter completely out of your hands. The ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box however has a very good way of going the extra mile. The crystal-lined litter tray means that all the moisture is absorbed and solids are hardened faster. Then a grill sweeps gently over the tray, moving all of the used litter into the tray so then it can be emptied and cleaned out. So not only does it do the scooping for you, but it also helps get rid of the smell and mess quicker than other self-cleaning litter boxes.




30 Days Hassle-Free: Not only does it clear everything away for you, but it also takes the effort of emptying to tray regularly into the bin out of your hands as well. Everything from the tray to the litter itself doesn’t need changing until it has been used for 30 days. This means that you don’t need to be constantly cleaning it out every day in order to keep it working properly. Just change the litter and empty the tray once a month and you will still have a full working self-cleaning litter box.

Big Enough For Any Cat: One of the problems with some of the self-cleaning litter boxes on the market is that they are too small for some large cats to use. The original version of the ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box however doesn’t come with a roof, so any cat is able to step inside and use it comfortably. None of the features provided with this litter box are effected by the size of your adult cat or kitten, so they are all able to use it freely.



The Downside

Paying Extra For Basic Features: The original version of the ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box does not come with a roof, so if you want one you have to upgrade to the ultra version. This means an added cost onto what is already a reasonably expensive purchase. Considering that the vast majority of self-cleaning litter trays come with covers as part of the basic package, this does knock it back a little bit. However, if you have a cat that insists on being able to go to the toilet in a private environment, then it is probably an upgrade worth purchasing.

The Price Of Litter Refills: Of course because this self-cleaning litter box comes with its own kind of litter, it means having to buy fresh trays from them. They generally sell them in three or six-packs, the latter of which costs about as much as the tray does. This means that in the course of a year, you will have spent enough money to buy three of these self-cleaning trays. It is quite a big expense, but one that is worth making when you consider the effect it has, and how much you could be spending on regular litter.

May Need Emptying Early: Some customers who have bought this litter box have said that they have needed to empty the tray after just one week because it was filling up and creating a bad smell. If you are having to empty it more than once a month, then it does defeat the purpose of making your cat litter an easier experience to clean. If however you are able to deal with having to empty it every fortnight instead of monthly, then it should still do a good job.




Frequently Asked Questions

faq  “My cat doesn’t cover their waste after using the litter tray. Will that have an effect?”

No, that will not be a problem. Because of the crystal-lined litter tray, all the moisture is taken away from the waste so then it can harden. That basically does the job that ordinary cat litter would do when it makes everything come out in clumps. Regardless of your cat’s toilet habits, this litter box will be able to handle it.

faq  “My cat won’t use the litter box. What do I do if the problem is the crystal-lined litter?”

If the crystal-lined litter is the reason why your cat is not willing to use the litter tray, try putting in enough of their regular brand of litter so then your cat can get the scent of it. A light layer over the top should be enough, and then your cat will probably be okay using the tray. The crystal-lined litter will still be able to do its job as long as the original litter is only used lightly.

faq  “When you order, does it come with one of the crystal-lined litter trays?”

Yes, it does come with one tray. After that, you will have to purchase refills.




Self-Cleaning litter boxes seem to be improving all the time, and this seems to be one of the best improvements that have been made. Not only does it help clear away the litter, but it also helps in making the whole cat litter much more hygienic and odour-free. There are not many self-cleaning litter boxes available on the market right now that can clear the litter away quietly and helps keep everything clean and odourless. On top of all that, it also doesn’t need to be emptied and changed until it has been used for a month. For anyone that struggles with cleaning the cat litter, this should be regarded as a definite purchase.


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