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At a time when the demand for cat carriers is increasing, it’s good to see that some companies are trying new things to try and make carriers more stylish and comfortable for people to carry around. While some people may not have a problem with the traditional carrier, others are looking for something that is a little different and can make carrying their cat around on long journeys a lot more comfortable.

Pet Gear are one of the companies that are trying to do just that. They have a range of cat carriers that are designed to make carrying your cat on long journeys or even just to the vets that little bit more comfortable. Pet Gear do have quite a wide range of carriers available however, so choosing the right one can be quite a difficult task. Here, we will attempt to make it easier. We will look at five of the most popular models of cat carrier that Pet Gear have on offer and we will attempt to answer some of the questions you might have so then you can make sure that you pick the right carrier for you and your cat.

Pet Gear Car Seat & Carrier


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If you have been trying to find a carrier that is ideal for taking your cat out on a car journey, they you need look no further than this carrier from Pet Gear. This carrier is designed to be both a car seat and a carrier at the same time, making it ideal for any kind of travelling in a car. It has mesh windows which allows plenty of ventilation into the carrier while also giving your cat a decent view of their surroundings. It also has a nice cushioned interior so then your cat will be able to get nice and comfy for their journey. You can also buy this carrier in either blue or black colors.


The only real downside about this carrier is that the zips can sometimes get caught on the cushioned interior or in the lining. This can cause the zip to get stuck, which can be quite a tricky thing to deal with. Luckily, this is something that is not too difficult to avoid happening. When you are zipping it up, just make sure that the lining and the cushion are far away from the zip so then there is no risk of if getting caught.



faq  “How is this carrier able to be used as a car seat?”

Fixing this carrier into your car to be used as a car seat is very simple, so you don’t need to spend loads of time setting it up in your car. All you have to do is use the loop that is on the back of the carrier and run the seat belt through it. Then you just fasten the seat belt as normal and your carrier will be securely in place. Then you will be able to drive in your journey knowing that your cat is in safe hands.

faq  “Is this carrier sturdy enough to handle a larger cat?”

Even if you have what you would consider to be a large adult cat, they should be perfectly comfortable while inside this carrier. While it may look quite flimsy because of the fleecy material it is made from, it is actually very strong and can handle the weight of almost any cat. As long as you fasten the zips securely, your cat will be safe and sound at all times.


Pet Gear I-GO2 Plus Traveler Rolling Backpack Carrier


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Some people can feel a lot better when they are carrying a bag on their back than they do in their hands or on one shoulder. If you consider yourself to be one of those people, then this carrier will certainly fit the bill. It allows you to carry your cat on your back comfortably, while also having wheels on the bottom so then you can roll the carrier along the ground when necessary. This carrier also has two storage pockets so then you can carry food and treats to give your cat on long journeys. You can purchase this carrier in black, lavender, sage, and blue colors.


While this carrier would be ideal for many people, some customers have expressed concerns about the amount of room inside the carrier. These complaints however do seem to have been made by people who were looking to use this carrier for their dog. When you are using it for a cat however, there should be plenty of room for them to spread out and get comfortable without any issues at all. In fact, if you want something to carry kittens, then you may be able to get more than one kitten into this carrier at once without making it too cramped inside.



faq  “I have a 9lb cat and an 11lb cat. Will they be able to both fit inside at the same time?”

This really depends on the kind of journey you will be taking and the relationship the two cats have. If you are only taking them to the vets, then this carrier will be perfect for taking them both at the same time. However, because it can be a bit of a tight squeeze with two cats inside, it is probably not ideal when you want to be travelling. If the two cats do not get along too well, then they could end up fighting and becoming really uncomfortable, so it’s probably best to only have them both inside on short journeys.

faq  “Will this carrier be able to support my 20lb cat?”

Even if you have a very large adult cat, this carrier will be able to support them. The only thing you need to remember is to take regular breaks or use the wheels on the bottom whenever you can. You don’t want to end up with back and shoulder problems when you have been carrying your large cat on your shoulders for a very long time.


Pet Gear World Traveler Tote Carrier


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This is possibly one of the best carriers you can buy from Pet Gear, purely because of its wide range of features. You can either carry this carrier on your shoulder, or you can pull it along while using the wheels on the bottom. When you are not using this carrier, you can also fold it away quickly and easily so then it doesn’t take up too much space in your home. Not only that, but it also has great pockets for storing supplies ready for those long journeys. You can get this carrier in a small or large size and you can get it in colors including black, blue, pink, and crystal pink.

Some customers who have purchased this carrier in the past have complained that the carrier is able to pick up odors really easily and sometimes can have a really bad smell. Luckily, this carrier can be easily cleaned. You can put the interior cushion and some of the other materials in the washing machine and clean them like you would your own clothes. This way you will be able to have your carrier up and running and smelling fresh in no time at all.



faq  “Will I be able to fit this carrier underneath my seat when I am on a plane?”

Yes, this carrier will be able to fit under your seat without any issues at all. Because of the design of this carrier, it will be able to sit comfortably under your seat without any problems. You will still have the freedom to give your cat treats and toys that you have stored in the pockets as well, so your cat will be able to remain happy and comfortable throughout the flight.

faq  “The wheels on my carrier have been damaged. Is it possible to get replacement ones?”

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like getting replacement wheels for this carrier is a possibility. There seems to be no mention of replacement wheels on the Pet Gear website. Having said that, you can always still get in touch with them and ask them if it is a possibility. There is always the chance that they now offer replacement wheels for people who have picked up damages.


Pet Gear World Traveler with Wheels


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As the name of this product suggests, this carrier from Pet Gear is perfect for those long journeys you might be going on with your cat. This has a lot in common with the carrier that we have looked at previously, only this one has a little more room and is designed for longer periods of travel. This carrier has mesh windows to allow good ventilation and to give your cats a good view outside, while also having the ability to be fastened into your car as a car seat. This carrier can also be carried on your shoulder as well as on wheels so then you can choose the method of travel that makes you more comfortable.


Some customers have expressed concerns that the carrier does not look strong enough to carry their large adult cat, but this could not be further from the truth. This carrier is one of the most sturdy models that Pet Gear have on offer and it will be able to handle the weight of almost any cat.



faq  “How can this carrier be fastened into the car?”

Much like the previous carrier we looked at that can be used as a car seat, this carrier has a loop on the back that you feed the seat belt through. You then fasten the seat belt as normal and then your carrier will be safe and secure. It’s a great way of making traveling with your cat in the car a whole lot easier.

faq  “How big are the pockets on the carrier?”

The pockets are quite a reasonable size and give you enough room to pack supplies such as toys, food and treats. Because this carrier is designed for long periods of travel, it is ideal for packing those supplies so then you can keep your cat happy throughout the entire length of your trip.


Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller


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If all you want is something so you can take your cat out for a walk and enjoy the nice surroundings, then this stroller from Pet Gear could be exactly what you need. This stroller gives your cat plenty of room to relax while you take them out on a comfortable walk. It has a mesh cover so then your cat can get plenty of ventilation while still being able to look around and enjoy their surroundings. This stroller is available in blue, tan brown, sage, and cobalt blue colors.

The only negative about this stroller that has been suggested by customers is that they have used this with their dogs and they have been able to tip the stroller over when they have been restless. These complaints have all come from dog owners however, while cat owners have said that the stroller has been safe and secure at all times. Even if you have quite a large cat, this stroller should be able to support them without any problems at all.



faq  “How easy is it to fold this stroller away?”

Folding this stroller away is very easy indeed. All you have to do is effectively fold it down by the handles until it is flat, then you can store it wherever you want. The great thing about this stroller is that after you have folded it, you can store it pretty much anywhere without it taking up too much space at all.

faq  “Can this stroller be assembled easily?”

When you first buy this stroller, you will need to follow the instructions that are provided. As long as you follow all the instructions carefully, you should be able to put this stroller together without any problems at all. All you will really need to do is add the wheels to the stroller and you can do this without using any tools, so it is ultimately quite simple.



When you look at the range of cat carrier that Pet Gear have on offer, it’s not surprising why they have become so popular. All of their carriers are designed to help you make taking your cat on short or long journeys a lot more comfortable for both you and your cat. Considering the wide range of carriers they have on offer, they should always remain one of your first ports of call when you are looking for a new reliable carrier.


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