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When you are looking for a good cat scratching post, it’s always nice to come across something that is able to offer you something more. Whether that be something simple like a toy for your cat to play with, or indeed a whole other function apart from a scratching post, it’s always nice to be given the opportunity to offer your cats something more than just a place to scratch.

This is part of the reason why Omega Paw have become such a popular company. They provide a wide range of cat scratching posts, some of which have additional functions which means they are able to accommodate cats in more than one area. Omega Paw do have a wide range of scratching posts available, so it can be a little difficult to find out which ones are the best for you. Here we will look at three of the most popular models that Omega Paw have on offer and show you how they can make your and your cat happy. We will also try and answer any questions you may have about the scratchers so then you will know which one suits you and your cat best.

Omega Paw Ripple Board Scratch’n Massage Bed


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This scratching board is ideal if you have a cat that has a lot of energy but also likes a nice comfortable place to sleep as well. This scratching board is designed to be three things in one; a place for your cat to scratch, a place to sleep, and also somewhere were they can roll around and get a little massage at the same time. The surface of the board is also nicely decorated, so it has a nice little creative design flair to it as well. It’s perfect for any cat that likes to be able to scratch and roll around a little before they get down to sleep.

Some customers who have purchased this scratching board have said that it feels like it is made from flimsy cardboard and that it does give way over time. Naturally, with any product there is always the chance that there will be wear and tear at some point, especially when a cat is scratching on a regular basis. In most cases however, a regular sized cat should not be able to cause a lot of damage and the scratching board should still last for at least a year or so.


Common Questions

faq  “What does the massage aspect of this scratching board entail?”

Basically, this cat scratching board is designed to give your cats a little bit of a massage when they roll around in it. When they roll around on the comfortable material, it creates a massage feeling through the cat’s back, making it feel nice and relaxed. There is also a plastic chin scratcher as well for the cat, which they may well roll around on to get more of a massage.

faq  “Can I buy replacement pieces for this scratching board?”

In most cases when you buy this board, it should arrive with two or even three spare parts. This should be able to keep your going for the entirety of owning the scratching board. If not, then you can contact Omega Paw and ask them for replacement parts.


Omega Paw SB Scratch Box


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If you are looking for something that simply acts as a place for your cat to scratch and nothing more, then Omega Paw also have a scratching box on offer. This is an economical option that simply gives your cats a comfortable place where they can have a good scratch and sharpen their claws. This box is treated with an organic catnip, which means that your cat will be more than happy to have a good scratch with this box.

The only problem really with this box is that you may think that it is simply too small for your fully grown adult cats. While it may appear this way, this actually isn’t really the case. Most adult cats are still able to have a good scratch with this box despite its size, so at no point should that be an issue. If you have a kitten, they should be even more comfortable still with the size of the scratching box and should be able to get hours of fun out of it.


Common Questions

faq  “I have a few adult cats. Will this be able to accommodate them?”

As long as the adult cats are not scratching at the same time, then this should be able to keep a few cats happy without any problems. If however this is something that you are concerned about, then perhaps buying another box would be a good idea. They are quite affordable so it does not break the bank if you wanted to get a few to keep your cats happy.

faq  “How suitable are these for kittens?”

They are very suitable for kittens. In fact, you could say that the size of the box means that it is actually the ideal thing to buy if you wanted somewhere where your kittens will be able to have a good scratch and feel comfortable doing so. The size of the box means that they will be able to scratch in total comfort.


Lean-it Scratching Post


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This is something a little different for people who like to be able to move the scratching post around and place it anywhere. This scratching post is designed to simply be leant up against a wall anywhere in the house so then your cats are able to have a scratch whenever they like. It is suitable to be used on any floor surface, so you will be able to move it around the house without any problems at all. This is ideal for anyone who wants to try and make their cats a little more comfortable at home, while also giving you the freedom to move things around whenever you want.

While some customers have said that they have had to deal with the scratching post falling over a few occasions, chances are that they have simply failed to set the post up properly. If you have a good look at the instructions before you use it, you will see how to approach leaning the cat post against the wall while stood on a variety of different surfaces.


Common Questions

faq  “How long can these scratching posts last for?”

This really does depend on how many cats you have and how often they are using it, but for the most part this scratching post is built to last several years at least. It is made of very strong carpeted material, so you should not come across any signs of wear and tear for quite a while.

faq  “Am I able to put the scratching post outside?”

As long as you are standing it up against a solid wall and you have placed it on level and steady ground, then yes this can be used outside without any problems. Of course it’s best to keep it inside whenever there is bad weather, as the carpeted material could end up soaking up a lot of rain water, which would make it quite unappealing for your cat.


The Verdict

It’s very difficult to find one place that is able to provide for everyone’s scratching post needs, but Omega Paw certainly seem more than capable of delivering. They are not only capable of providing scratching posts and boards that have several functions, but they are also able to provide straightforward scratching boards that are simple and economical. Definitely worth considering regardless of the age of your cats.


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