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K&H Manufacturing have become one of the frontrunners on the current market for heated cat beds. Their wonderful designs and easy to use systems means that people are able to buy them for their cats and have them set up in next to no time. These kind of heated cat beds are now becoming more and more popular due to the cold winter months, so now is a better time than ever to give your cat a little something to keep it warm and comfortable during harsh winter nights.


But how do you know that K&H Manufacturing are able to provide the right heated cat bed for you? Which of their models are best suited to your home and your cat? Here we will take a close look at some of the most popular heated cat bed models that K&H Manufacturing currently have on the market. We will also attempt to answer the questions you might have about their specific models.

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed


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This is K&H’s most popular heated cat bed, mainly because it covers every aspect a heated cat bed needs. It has a nice comfortable inner lining and a removable cover that can be removed and cleaned easily. All you have to do to get it to a nice warm temperature is plug it in for a little while. Then it will be ready for your cat to climb in and get comfortable. This bed is available in 16 and 20-inch sizes, and is available in a nice range of colours. The colours are sage, mocha and fish print beds in red, orange and lime green.



Common Questions

faq  “Is 16 inches big enough for an average sized cat?”

K&h-cat-beds3The 16-inch model is 16 inches measured from the outside rather than the inside, but it is more than big enough for an averaged sized cat all the same. It is also more than big enough if you have kittens that quite like to snuggle up together when they sleep. Getting a 21-inch bed is something that you should only need to do if you have a large cat, or a couple of cats that like to share the same bed. In most cases however, 16 inches should be enough.


faq  “Should the bed feel hot at the bottom but only warm at the top?”

Yes, this is probably quite right. The top of the bed where the cat sleeps should not be too hot as cats can’t really deal with a great deal of heat. All they need is for it to be slightly warm for it to be appealing to them. The bottom however can get hot because that is where the heat is generated from when it is plugged in.


K&H Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed


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This heated bed is similar to the regular heated cat bed, however this one comes with a small hood that hangs slightly over the bed. This means that your cat will be able to get snug and comfortable with a little help from the hood, which will help keep the heat in the bed so they can stay happy for longer. If however you do not like the hood, you can remove it whenever you like. The bed is also available in either tan leopard or mocha leopard colours, and it is also available in large or small sizes.


Common Questions

faq  “If the bottom of the bed gets dirty, am I able to remove the heating unit so I can get it clean?”

K&h-cat-beds5No matter where on the bed manages to get dirty, it can be cleaned quickly and easily. If it is the bottom of the bed that has gotten dirty, then you can use the zip located underneath the pillow. You will have to reach inside and feel around for it, but when you find it you will be able to remove the cover easily. There is also a zip for the hood and another one at the bottom so then you can remove the other covers.

faq  “Can you use the washing machine for the covers and the bed stuffing?”

Yes, you can. You will need to check the labels to see what kind of wash you need to use, but you can wash them both in a washing machine. The foam on the inside is very similar to a pillow, so it can be placed in the washing machine and can be placed in the dryer. In fact, drying it in a machine dryer can make it nice and fluffy for the cat to curl up on afterwards.


K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat


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This is one of K&H’s heated mat range and is one of their most popular models. These mats are ideal for cats of all sizes that like to just curl up in a corner on the floor somewhere and go to sleep. The heating system works in a similar way to the ones inside the heated cat beds, only of course in this case there is no need to worry about the sides of the bed or the removable hood. This is certainly appealing for people who want something basic to just sit in the corner. The mat is available in either mocha or sage colour.


Common Questions

faq  “Does the mat have a top or bottom side?”

K&h-cat-beds7It actually doesn’t really matter with this mat. No matter which side you place it on, the mat will work effectively on both sides. The heating system doesn’t actually start working until your cat has actually climb onto the mat, but the same material is used on both sides so then it heats through evenly.

faq  “Can you purchase a cat mat that is operated on a battery?”

Unfortunately not. These kind of mats are only available as an electrical appliance. The good news is however that the electrical cord is five feet long, so you have the option of laying it out so then it can still stored in the spot you have chosen while reaching a nearby plug socket. Its five foot cable should give you the ability to have it in the place you want, but otherwise you will probably have to use some sort of extension cord.


K&H Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash Heated Cat Mat


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This mat is a little more expensive than the one we looked at previously, mainly because it has more padding to make it more comfortable. This mat has a heater that is only activated when you cat is on the mat. Then it will match your cat’s body temperature so then they are able to get comfortable and go to sleep in a relaxing place. The mat is available in either a mocha or blue colour, and it can make an ideal addition to a home that has smaller adult cats or several kittens.


Common Questions

faq  “What are the dimensions of the mat?”

K&h-cat-beds9This mat is 18 inches long, so it is more than big enough for the majority of cats. Not only that, but if you have several small cats or young kittens, then they all could be able to snuggle up on the mat together. This could result in you saving a little money instead of having to buy several mats for your different cats.


faq  “Can the mat be left turned on all the time?”

This is really your choice. Some people like to leave it on so then when the cat comes into the house and climbs onto the mat, it starts heating up instantly. Other people however like to wait until the cat has decided to climb on the mat already, or even wait until it is night time. It really is your choice and depends on how much electricity you are willing to use in order to keep it running.


K&H 3093 Extreme Weather Kitty Pad with Fleece Cover


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This is the only one of the beds we are looking at here that is designed to be used during colder weather. This mat is similar to the one we looked at previously, as it regulates the level of heat based on the body temperature of your cat. This mat however is designed to be used in places like sheds and garages where a cat might sleep exposed to the elements. This makes this mat ideal for anyone who live in a rural area, or simply has a cat that prefers to sleep in an area more open.


Common Questions

faq  “Can I put a fleece cat bed on top of the mat?”

K&h-cat-beds11This would not be a good ideal, mainly because the heat being generated by the mat would probably not make its way through. In fact the mat will probably be unable to detect if the cat has climbed in  because of the fleece bed, so it’s best to not even attempt to do this.


faq  “Can this be used for indoor use?”

In can be used indoors yes, but it will not work as well as the other K&H models which made for use indoors. This particular model is designed to work outdoors or in an open area, so if you want something for inside the house then you should buy one of the other models.


The Verdict

header-background-winter-leftK&H Manufacturing certainly have the right idea when it comes to their heated cat beds. They have a wide range of designs that are built for either indoor or outdoor use so then you can keep your cat happy no matter what the situation is. As long as they are plugged in, your cat will be able to curl up in a warm comfortable bed happily. Not many companies are able to offer heated cat beds that work as well as these.


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