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While having a cat carrier that is modern and stylish is always appealing, some people want something that is practical and traditional more than anything else. This is usually because people want something that they know they can rely on to keep their cat safe and secure, and a more traditional cat carrier is arguably the best way of achieving that.

Fortunately, there are quite a few companies that are providing high quality traditional carriers that are reliable and safe. Catit is one of the companies that is now starting to lead the way when it comes to this particular kind of carrier, while still at the same time making all of their different models unique. While you may have a traditional cat carrier in mind, it is still important that you find the right one for you and your cat. Here we will look at four of the best cat carriers that Catit have on offer and we will try and answer your questions so you can see which one is the best for you.

Catit Design Cabrio Multi-Functional Carrier


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This is probably the most popular carrier that is offered by Catit and it’s not difficult to see why. This carrier is designed to keep cats safe and secure for a long period of time, and it is made of strong plastic material to make sure that your cat cannot escape at any point. You can also open the carrier at the top so then you can gently place your cat inside without having to entice them in through a door. Not only that, but this carrier comes with a five-year warranty so then you can use this carrier safe in the knowledge that you will be able to get a refund if it gets damaged or breaks during your first five years of ownership.

The only downside to using this carrier that has been expressed by people who have purchased it is that it is made of cheap material and that it breaks easily once it has been put together. While it may not seem like a strong carrier on the surface, it is in actual fact very strong and secure at all times. The only thing you really need to do to avoid it breaking is to make sure that you put it together properly when you first purchase it. Catit include instructions on how to assemble the carrier and it really isn’t that difficult to do. Once you have put it together, you will be able to take your cat out and about without any issues at all.




faq  “Does this carrier come with a shoulder strap included?”

Yes, it it does. As you will be able to see at the top of the carrier, it has a handle which can also be used to thread the shoulder strap through. The strap is very comfortable and can make carrying your cat around very comfortable. It’s ideal if you are planning on taking your cat out and you think that you will have to carry them for a long period of time.

faq  “Can I take this carrier on a plane?”

This is something that you should check with the airline you will be flying with. While Catit say that this carrier can be taken on a plane, some customers who have purchased it have said that they have been told that they can’t take it on a plane because of the hatch that can be opened at the top. To make absolutely sure, you should check with your airline so you don’t end up in a difficult situation.


Catit Voyageur Model 100 Small Cat Carrier


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If you have a smaller cat or even a kitten that you want to be able to carry around in complete safety, then this carrier from Catit is ideal for you. This small carrier has a nice treat compartment, so then you can give your cat or kitten a reward for being well behaved on their journey. This carrier can also be taken on planes and has stylish ventilation holes that create a silhouette image of cat. Not only do these look nice, but they also help keep your cat happy as well. You can purchase this carrier in either pink or baby blue colors.

The only negative about this carrier that has been expressed by customers is its size, but it’s important to remember that this carrier has been designed with small cats and kittens in mind. Unless you have a small adult cat or a kitten that you want to be able to take out of the house, you should not really be using this carrier. If however you do have a small cat or kitten, then this carrier is ideal for them. While it is small, it does still give your cat a little bit of room to spread out and get comfortable for their journey.



faq  “Is there a weight restriction with this carrier?”

While Catit does not state that there is a weight restriction regarding this carrier, it is probably best to proceed with caution when it comes to putting a larger cat inside. Some customers have said that they think it will be able to hold a cat that weighs around 17lbs, but it’s probably best that you do not exceed this weight. Remember that this is a carrier designed for smaller cats and kittens, so if you have a larger adult cat, you’re probably better off looking at the other models from Catit we have looked at previously.

faq  “Is this carrier available in any other colors?”

For the moment at least, Catit are only offering this carrier in pink and baby blue colors. This of course does not mean that Catit will not release this carrier in different colors at some point in the future. The best thing to do is keep a close eye on the Catit website to see if they post any updates. Or you can get in touch with them and ask them if any different colors will be available in the future.


Catit Style White Tiger Voyager


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This is certainly one of the more stylish models of cat carrier offered by Catit, so you can see why it is probably one of their most popular models. This carrier has been designed with long trips in mind, as it has plenty of ventilation and a treats compartment so you can carry treats to keep them happy on long journeys. This carrier also has a waste collection gutter, just in case your cat needs to pay a visit while on its journey but is unable to leave the carrier. This carrier also meets airline regulations and is able to handle practically any size of cat.

Much like one of the previous Catit carriers we have looked at, many people have expressed concerns that they think the carrier is made of cheap material. Even though it is made of plastic, it is still very strong and can handle the weight of a cat almost any size and weight. This carrier has been specifically designed to be able to keep cats safe and secure during long journeys, which is why the plastic material is very strong and is able to remain secure at all times.



faq  “Would I be able to carry two kittens in this carrier at once?”

As long as the two kittens get along and will not become stressed or angry at each other while in the carrier, then it is fine. In fact, this carrier will be able to give them both plenty of space to move around if they want. If not, then they can always snuggle up and get comfortable with ease.

faq  “How well ventilated is this carrier?”

Just like all the carriers offered by Catit, this has plenty of ventilation. It has ventilation holes on the side that form the silhouette of a cat, much like the model of carrier that we looked at previously. These ventilation holes ensure that your cat is able to take in plenty of fresh air while they are being taken out.


Catit Style Pink Ribbon Voyager


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This model of carrier is very similar to the one that we have looked at previously, the only major difference being that it is smaller and is designed for smaller cats and kittens. It still retains the cool and stylish design that we saw in previous model despite being smaller. This carrier is very nice and comfortable to carry around, while at the same time being totally safe and secure for your cat. If you have kitten inside, they will be able to curl up, get comfortable and go to sleep without any problems at all.

Some customers have expressed concerns that the carrier can break easily, however in most cases, breakages occur because the carrier has not been put together properly in the first place. When you purchase this carrier, make sure that you follow the instructions offered by Catit closely so then you can make sure that the carrier remains safe and secure at all times. Once you have put the carrier together properly, you will see that the carrier is actually very strong and sturdy and will be able to keep your cat comfortable for a long time to come.



faq  “Does this carrier come with a food dish?”

Yes, it does. The food dish is stored in the top compartment of the carrier so then you can access it easily. You can use the compartment to store treats for your cat to reward them for being well behaved on their journey. All you have to do is take the dish of treats out of the top compartment and put them inside the carrier for your cat to enjoy.

faq  “My cat is quite scared of being put in a carrier. Will this make make my cat more comfortable than other carriers?”

If you have a small cat or a kitten, then this carrier should be able to keep them happy. Because of the ventilation and the space they will have to get comfortable, your cat should be able to relax and not become too uptight about being in the carrier. Having said that, you should not try and use this carrier if you have a larger adult cat. If you do, then one of the other Catit carriers we have looked at will probably be better for you.



It’s pretty clear to see that when you want a reliable cat carrier, Catit is one of the best companies to go to. Their wide range of carriers that are built for both large and small cats means that you should be able to find the ideal carrier for you in no time at all. When you are looking for something reliable that you know will keep your cat safe, Catit should be one of the first companies that you check out.


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