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BestPet have quickly become a company that embraces the best of both worlds. Not only do they provide a great deal of practical equipment and accessories for your dogs, cats and other pets, but they also have a range of novelty and light-hearted products as well.

When it comes to cat trees however, this is an area where BestPet really does start to excel. Here we will take a look at five different cat trees that BestPet have on offer right now. We’ll also take a look and see which ones are the most suitable for your home.

Premium Extra Large Cat Tree – 73(H) x 27(L) x 23(W) Inches


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As the name suggests, this particular cat tree is one of the larger models that BestPet have on offer. This makes it an ideal addition to any home that is looking to keep several adult cats or kittens occupied for long periods of the day. This tree comes with two condos that have front and rear entry, along with several levels and ramps for your cats to climb around.

bestpet-tree-2This model is also available in three different color schemes: beige, paw print and leopard skin. While the leopard skin and beige models are the more expensive of the two, they do make quite a nice and fun addition to any cat-friendly home. This particular model even comes with helpful holders so you can keep toys and other treats handy at all times. It may be quite big and difficult to put together, but it sure is worth it once it is built.






Cat Tree Condo Furniture Scratch Post Pet House – 76(H) x 23.6(L) x 23.6(W) Inches



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This cat tree is also one of BestPet’s larger models, but it has one important difference. This particular model is considerably more streamlined, meaning that it will be able to fit into even the smallest of spaces even though it is large enough to keep several cats happy for a long period of time. This cat tree comes with several levels and one large condo, along with a helpful fur-lined ladder in order to help cats on their way into the condo.

bestpet-tree-4The tree is lined with a faux fur, which is ideal for cats that want to have a good scratch before they settle down or start playing with each other. It’s also nice and easy to put together and it is able to stay strong and sturdy when cats are playing despite its rather thin look. The only downside is that the stairs cannot be screwed in, but it should remain sturdy and strong at all times despite of this.







Premium Extra Large Cat Tree – 80(H) x 23.5(L) x 23.5(W) Inches


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This is another rather streamlined tree that BestPet offer, but it also has a rather unique design as well. This particular cat tree has clearly been catered for homes that house several cats that all want to be keeping active all the time. This tree comes with two large condos, along with several levels that reach up very high. At the top of the tree is three rather comfortable levels where cats are able to get comfy at a height and try and relax for the day.

bestpet-tree-6This is also one of the trees that BestPet is proud to offer in several colors. This tree is available in beige, paw print, pink and leopard skin. The beige and pink versions are substantially cheaper than the paw print and leopard skin ones, but they can still add a nice cat-friendly atmosphere to a household. Despite its height, this tree is also very easy to put together and is able to stay strong and sturdy.








Premium Extra Large Cat Tree – 60(H) x 20(L) x 20(W) Inches


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This is one of the more simpler trees that BestPet offer, but it still can be a wonderful addition to a cat-friendly home. This tree has one condo and four levels, making it a lot smaller than the ones we have been looking at previous. This means that this tree is ideal for a home that has just one or two cats. It also can be a wonderful addition to a home with a cat that is a little older but still wants to play and relax in a place where they will feel comfortable.

bestpet-tree-8This tree is also available in different designs. The designs are beige, fashion, pink and leopard skin. These colours and themes give you the opportunity then to pick a tree that creates the right mood in your home. The only downside is that the platforms on the different levels are a little on the small side, making it a little difficult for bigger cats. If however you have kittens or small adult cats, then this tree will be more than ideal for them.






Pink Cat Tree Condo Scratcher – 42(H) x 16(L) x 16(W) Inches


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This is probably the most simple cat tree that BestPet have on offer, but it still would make a very attractive addition to any home. Its size means that it is practically perfect for any home that houses just one cat. This tree comes with a large condo along with a tunnel and two different levels, meaning that older adult cats are able to get comfortable and relax while at the same time play a little when they want to.

bestpet-tree-10Some customers who have bought this cat tree however have said that the tunnel is really only big enough for a kitten to fit through. Luckily the tunnel is considered to be an optional extra for the tree, so you only need to add it if you have a kitten or a small adult cat that would appreciate another little area to sleep and play.








The Verdict

BestPet do not necessarily offer the most unique designs when it comes to their cat trees, but they do offer reliability and products that are high in quality. Their tall thin trees are all very easy to put together, while at the same time remaining sturdy despite their size. The smaller trees they have on offer are also perfect for any home that just has one or two kittens or adult cats. Whatever kind of situation you have at home, it seems that BestPet has the right cat tree to suit you.


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