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When you are trying to find the ideal cat hammock for your cat, the choice can be a little overwhelming. There are such a wide variety of different hammocks in different styles that it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. You might be tempted to try some trial and error to see if you can find the right one, but this can often be an expensive experiment. The best thing to do is have a look at all the different options and try and make the best decision based on the features and design of the hammock.

Here, we aim to make the whole process a little more simple for you. We are going to look at some of the most popular cat hammocks available on the market right now and what makes them so appealing. We will also attempt to answer any questions you may have about the different hammocks so then you can pick the one you feel is right for you and your cat.


ProSelect Polyester Small Pet Cage Hammock


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This cat hammock is ideal for anyone that is looking to make their cats a little more comfortable while they are in a cage. There always comes a time when a cat needs to be kept safely in a cage or has to be taken to the vets. This hammock can help keep them happy and comfortable during that time. It is made of synthetic wool and polyester, which makes it a very comfortable place for your cat to curl up and feel very relaxed.

Some customers who have bought this hammock have complained that the clips tend to pull away from the material quite easily. This only seems to be the case however when it is being used on a regular basis. After all, this hammock is designed for use when it is in a cage and nothing more. If you are able to restrict using the hammock to when your cat is inside the cage, then it should be sturdy and work perfectly well at all times.




faq  “Will the hammock be big enough for my cat?”

The hammock is 21 inches in length and 12.5 inches in width, so it should be more than big enough to handle any size of cat. If you have kittens, then several of them may be able to climb into this hammock and snuggle up together without having to fight for room. It’s not advised however that more than one adult cat try and sleep in the hammock as the metal clasps that hold it in place may not be able to handle that much weight.

faq  “Can this be used outside of a cage as well?”

If you have something that you can securely attach the hammock to without it being a health risk for your cat, then attaching it somewhere else is fine. However, you should take into consideration the design of the hammock first. It is designed to work in cages after all, so do bear in mind that it may not work as effectively when it is attached to something else.


ProSelect Wild Time Pet Cage Hammock


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This is very similar to the cat hammock we have just looked at, although this one is more in line with people who are looking for something a little more aesthetically pleasing. This hammock is available in either a brown or black leopard skin design, which makes it quite an attractive addition to any cat cage. It is nice and comfortable and can be attached to cages with without any problems at all.

Much like the other hammock that we looked at from ProSelect, some customers have complained that they do not feel that it is very durable. Some have said that it can break very easily. Again, this is something that only really happens when it is being used regularly. If you are only using it when your cat needs to be in the cage, then everything should be fine.



faq  “My cat weighs 15 pounds. Will he be able to sit inside the hammock?”

The packaging on this product does not state any weight restrictions on the hammock so it’s difficult really to tell if it will definitely be able to support a cat of that size. However, the hammock is large enough in size to support a cat of that weight, so it should be able to support the cat without any issues at all. It’s best to keep an eye on it initially though just to be safe.

faq  “The clasps make it look like the cat will be close to the ceiling of the cage. Is this accurate?”

While it may look like the clasps are really small, this doesn’t mean that your cat will be close to the ceiling of the cage. Instead, when your cat is inside the hammock it will droop down a little under the weight. This should leave your cat with plenty of head space and room to breath as they get comfortable and settle down.


Cat Crib Hammock Cot


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This hammock from Cat Crib has a rather nice and innovative design that many people will find quite appealing. It is designed to be fixed underneath a table or a chair, so then your cat is able to lie in comfort while you are sat down with them. Because it hides underneath your chair or table, it makes for an excellent space saving device while still giving your cat a comfortable place to lie down and go to sleep. This hammock is also available in black, purple and tan colours.

Some customers who have purchased this hammock have said that the size is not quite right for the chairs they have at home. Naturally, this is a problem that may arise when you purchase this hammock, so it’s best to make sure that you check the size of the hammock first to make sure that it is suitable for the chairs that you have at home. In most cases however, the hammock is probably going to be right size to fit underneath your chair perfectly.




faq  “Is the material in this hammock the same on both sides?”

This hammock has different material on the top and the bottom. The top is made of soft felt, which is the side where the cat should lie down and get comfortable. The other side is made of nylon, which is the bottom side and should be pointing down to the floor. The felt side is very nice and soft, which means that your cat will be able to get comfortable easily and then drift off to sleep without any problems at all.

faq  “Does it make a difference if I attach the hammock to a table instead of a chair?”

As long as the table fits the measurements of the hammock, then it should be able to fit securely onto a table without any problems at all. This hammock measures is able to suit any table or chair that has legs 17 inches apart minimum or 27 inches apart maximum. If your table is able to fit within those requirements, then it should be able to fit underneath your table securely and keep your cat comfortable for a long time to come.


Pecute Large Cat Kitten Hanging Hammock


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While some of the hammocks we have been looking at have been more suitable for smaller cats, this is one that is ideal for larger cats. This hammock from Pecute is ideal for anyone who has been struggling to find a hammock that is able to support the weight of their large cat. This hammock will be able to handle their weight without any problems at all. It can be attached to a cage quickly and easily and is big enough to allow your cat to spread out a little bit and get a little more comfortable. This makes for a nice little addition that can make your larger cat that little bit happier when they are in a cage.

The only real downside to this hammock is that the material is quite thin. You might think that when you install it that the material will be too thin to keep your cat comfortable. In the majority of cases, your cat should be able to remain comfortable despite how thin the material is. If you are still concerned then there is no need to worry. You can simply add your own covers or pillows to the hammock and your cat will still remain comfortable.



faq  “Is this cat hammock available in a variety of colours and designs?”

For the moment at least, this hammock is only available in one colour. For now, Pecute only have a leopard skin coloured hammock available on the market right now. It is a very attractive leopard skin design, so it should look very nice and appealing inside your cat’s cage. If you are still concerned about how the design will look, then keep a close eye on the Pecute website. There is always the possibility they will release new designs in the future.

faq  “Even though it is designed for larger cats, are the claps strong enough?”

Because this hammock is designed with larger cats in mind, Pecute have made this hammock with that in mind. This is why the clasps are designed to be able to handle the weight of a larger cat without any problems at all. So you do not need to worry about your cat when they climb inside the hammock. The clasps will be able to keep them completely safe and secure at all times.


Ware Jumbo Hang-N-Hammock


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This hammock from Ware has a rather unique design and comes with a rather attractive leopard skin cover. This hammock is large in size, so it is able to handle your large cat or even several cats at a time. If you have a litter of kittens that like to be able to snuggle up together when they sleep, then this hammock will be ideal for them. They will have a lot of room to gather together and get comfortable on the fleece cover without any issues at all.

Some customers who have purchased this hammock have claimed that the plastic hooks that keep it in place are not very strong and can start breaking after just a few weeks. In most cases however, if you are able to fasten the hooks securely so they are safe and secure, then this should not be an issue that comes up. Make sure that you follow the instructions exactly and you have everything safe and secure before your cats or kittens try and climb inside it. That way you can make sure that it is working properly before your cats decide to get comfy.



faq  “Is this hammock easy to wash?”

This is actually probably one of the easiest hammocks for washing available on the market right now. All you have to do is unhook it, put it in the washing machine and then in the dryer. Then the hammock will be completely clean before your cats are back and looking to have a quick nap. If having something that is easy to wash is very appealing to you, then this hammock could well be the right one for you.

faq  “I have two large cats. Will they both be able to sit inside the hammock?”

This hammock doesn’t state any weight restrictions, but it is named a jumbo hammock. All the same, if you have two cats that you would consider to be quite large, then you should perhaps keep a close eye on the hammock when they are initially in it together. In most cases however, the hammock should be able to stay strong and handle the weight of your cats without any issues.


Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed


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This cat hammock from Sunny Seat is another one of the tom selling hammocks on the market right now, and it has a lot in common with the model from Kitty Cot. This is another model that is designed to be fastened to a window with suction cups, however this one comes with that little bit of extra padding to make your cats more comfortable. If you were not planning on using your own bedding like you would have to with the Kitty Cot model, then this could well be the ideal model for you.

Much like the Kitty Cot hammock, this bed from Sunny Seat is said by some customers to be insecure that it falls down a lot. This is not true in most cases. As long as you follow the instructions exactly and you do everything you can to make sure that the suction cups are working properly and are holding the hammock firmly in place, then it should work perfectly fine. You cats will have a nice place then to watch the world go by through the window before grabbing a quick nap.




faq  “Is it okay to mount this hammock on an open window?”

As long as you make sure that the suction cups and completely safe and secure like you would if the window is closed, then this is absolutely fine. In fact, your cat might well enjoy a little fresh air and breeze coming in through the window while they are asleep in the hammock. They could also jump into the hammock straight from outside through the open window, which also might be quite appealing to them.

faq  “My cat will probably want to chew on the strings. Would this be a safety issue?”

The strings on the hammock are quite strong, so even if your cat wants to be chewing on them all the time, they should not be able to break through them. Your cat should be able to remain comfortable at all times while in the hammock, and they may well find chewing innocently on the strings can be quite fun for them.



All of the hammocks that we have looked at have a lot of appealing features. The choice about which one you want really does come down to what you want for your cat. If you want them to be able to enjoy nature while still feeling comfortable indoors, then the models from Kitty Cot and Sunny Seat are ideal for you. If you have a large cat or you want to be able to keep several cats happy, then you should go with the Ware or Pecute model. Or if you are even looking for something that will save you a little space, then the Cat Crib hammock could be the best. They all have their appealing features, but chances are that if you have thought about the needs of you and your cat, then you may well have already seen the ideal hammock while looking through this selection.


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